Joshua Ehrig on Mastering Problem-Solving in Entrepreneurship – Lehigh University Insights

In the latest episode of the “People Solve Problems” podcast, host Jamie Flinchbaugh welcomes Joshua Ehrig, Professor of Practice at Lehigh University. Joshua shares insightful perspectives on problem-solving within the realms of entrepreneurship, business model innovation, and corporate innovation.

Joshua begins by highlighting the critical importance of identifying the root cause of problems. He emphasizes a methodical approach, starting with a deep understanding of the problem at hand before jumping into solutions. This involves asking the right questions and employing a mix of analytical tools and empathy to get to the heart of the issue.

When facing multiple problems simultaneously, Joshua advises on the need to prioritize based on impact and urgency. He suggests a strategic approach to problem-solving that involves evaluating the significance of each problem in relation to the overall goals of the organization.

Experimentation plays a key role in Joshua’s problem-solving arsenal. He champions the adoption and integration of new problem-solving techniques, advocating for a mindset of continuous learning and adaptation. By experimenting with various methods, individuals and organizations can discover what works best in different scenarios, leading to innovative solutions.

Throughout the conversation, Joshua’s insights are attributed to his extensive experience and knowledge in the field, reflecting his contributions to teaching and practice at Lehigh University. His approach to problem-solving is not just theoretical but deeply rooted in practical application, aimed at preparing students and professionals to navigate complex business challenges.

The episode not only showcases Joshua’s expertise but also serves as a testament to the power of effective problem-solving in driving innovation and success in business. His perspective underscores the importance of behaviors and culture in shaping problem-solving practices within organizations.

Listeners interested in learning more about Joshua Ehrig can visit his profile at Lehigh University or connect with him on LinkedIn.