Developing Your Lean Education Plan

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on 11-11-09

I am working on my next Leading Lean column and as usual, found myself really constrained by the word length limits of the column. I am writing on the topic of developing a lean education plan. Of course, this probably deserves to be turned into an ebook based on how

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Going to a Job Interview?

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on 11-10-09

  Did you lose your job? Were you anticipating doing so? Are you just looking for a better opportunity? I don’t think it will surprise anyone to know that in 2009 I had more people I know looking for a job than ever before. The list got so long that

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Follow Friday for Bloggers

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on 11-06-09

The Twitter tradition (is Twitter old enough to have traditions?) of Follow Friday is the spirit of sharing who you like to listen to. I think it’s most effective when you also share why. I thought the blogging community, at least the lean blogging community, needed the same kind of

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Jason Fried is a lean thinker

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on 11-05-09

Jason Fried of 37signals is a true lean thinker. Here’s how I know: If anyone ever writes us with a complaint, our stance is it’s our fault — for not being clear enough or not making something work the way it should. and some more of his thoughts: We rarely

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My Favorite Leading Lean Columns

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on 11-04-09

Many of you many know that I’ve been writing a monthly column for Assembly Magazine which you will find inside the back cover. The column, titled Leading Lean, is meant to explore issues and advice for those helping their organizations move forward on the lean journey. You can find all

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Management Improvement Carnival #80

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on 11-02-09

For 79 rounds, John Hunter of Curious Cat Blog and various guest hosts have issued the Management Improvement Carnival, a roundup of interesting blog posts for the month. I am proud to take responsibility for #80. Although I definitely leaned on some of my favorite bloggers, I also thought I

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If Washington Developed Your Strategy?

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on 10-30-09

What happens when your team gets together to discuss strategy? Do you make clear decisions? Earlier this week there was a great post blog post on by Tim Berry. Tim is one of my favorite bloggers about entrepreneurship and startups. This post was titled 5 Simple Obvious Truths About

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Silver Lining : Entrepreneurship in a Difficult Environment

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on 10-29-09

Many people think the economy is improving. The data certainly suggest that this is true. But as often is the case, employment usually lags economic activity. I still get regular emails of people who recently lost their jobs that are thinking about entrepreneurship in this environment. Here’s a great dialogue

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Reflect to Improve, and Make it a Habit

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on 10-28-09

  How do you get started on the lean journey? Many organizations struggle with how to get started. They see this monumental journey ahead of them and there is so much to do, but where to start? I think a small and simple way to get started is just to

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Learning to Cook (or Focus on the Means)

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on 10-26-09

If you want to learn how to cook, who do you learn from? You could learn from the restaurant critic with their insight on what’s good and what’s not, or your could learn from a chef, who knows how and why to make the meal. I received a great question,

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