Lean Strategy: The Role of Reflection

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on 06-03-11

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In our continuing Strategy Friday video series on Lean Strategy, I explore how reflection as part of  lean thinking can also be an integral part in building or planning your business strategy, as well as adjusting as you move along..

Show Notes and Approximate Time

  • What is reflection:
    • 0:20 Reflection is a core, concept, skill. principle, belief in the Lean environment. We should be reflecting all the time but not for the sake of reflection but for the sake of improvement and improved action.
    • 0:58 It (Reflection) is really meant to build a collective conscience and understanding within the organization.
  • What is its role in strategy:
    • 1:27 Reflect on what’s working and make proper adjustment.
    • 1:34 First, Set up strategy to get early feedback – build reflection into strategy, the more differ it is, the more we have to reflect
    • 2:13 Secondly, willingness to make adjustments – Honda strategy
  • Conclusion
    • 4:00 Build strategy with reflection in mind
    • 4:03 Assume you gonna make adjustment going forward
    • 4:05 Build it onto the plan as well