Online Learning

Jamie has been an innovator in both content and delivery throughout his career. When he co-founded the Lean Learning Center, he was the first to design in-depth curriculum with a primary objective of teaching lean behaviors, and do so in an innovative adult learning space with a immersion experiential-learning course that most participants called the best learning experience of their professional career.

As a public-speaker, Jamie is sought-after for covering complex challenges in with insight and clarity, and delivering his talks in an engaging, conversational, and creative approach. Having abandoned PowerPoint several years ago, he receives as many positive comments for his style as for his content.

Understanding the needs of clients for more flexible learning options, the improvement of online delivery technology, and the need for a more cost-efficient model for content, JFlinch has developed a new video-based platform for learning.

Online learning with JFlinch

While the content available will evolve over time, it is primarily based on topics suited to Jamie Flinchbaugh’s insights. The content is organized into courses, each course is broken into bite-sized modules. Each module can be consumed independently, or in sequence as part of a course. Individuals can consume content at their desk, at home, on the road, or inserted into instructor-led curriculum as additional content.

Courses do not focus on the “nuts and bolts” of lean such as 5S and waste, and where content does broach such topics, it is to embellish existing knowledge with new insights. Courses include lean culture, building effective management systems, A3 problem solving, coaching, and leadership.

Subscriptions are company-based, depending on your size and intended use. Please contact us to discuss your needs.


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