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After leaving the consulting and education firm that Jamie co-founded and co-ran with Andy Carlino, Jamie continued to receive many calls to support lean journeys in a variety of ways. The pursuit of lean has always been a passion of serving others, and so JFlinch was born with a clean slate to build fresh ideas and innovative approaches to supporting individuals, teams, and companies on their pursuit of excellence.

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In addition to providing other services in new ways, Jamie Flinchbaugh continues to be an advisor to key leaders or internal lean teams. This is done either on an ongoing basis with a blend of in-person and over-the-phone advisory support or as a single planned high-impact visit. This is an opportunity to engage your most challenge problems for a successful lean journey.

Jamie can also be engaged as a keynote speaker for your internal or external events, such as a lean summit, a technology or product development conference, or a supplier engagement day. Jamie is an engaging and insightful speaker who will work with you to ensure your event has all the impact you desired.

Please contact us to learn more about how Jamie and JFlinch can support your lean journey.


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