JFlinch Learning Lab

Learning Lab Workshops

The JFlinch Learning Lab Workshops are for a leader to be able to engage their team directly for a topical learning process. You will first have a discussion with Jamie Flinchbaugh, deciding on a topic and shaping the next few steps. Your team will get access to a set of video teachings, based on the topic. They will also receive an assignment to be done before the study session. There will then be a 60-90 minute video call session between Jamie and the team to explore the topic more deeply, including reviewing what they learned from their assignment. You will then have a follow-up discussion with Jamie to discuss how to reinforce the topic with action.

How It Works


Kickoff Call with the leader and Jamie
Individuals watch the videos at their convenience


Individuals follow their application assignments
Assignments are shared in a collaborative workspace


Individuals reflect in collaborative workspace
Group video call with Jamie to review reflection and ask questions


Coaching call with Jamie and the leader to determine the commit plan
Leader uses the collaboration space to turn learning into an action plan.

Learning lab workshops are equivalent to a half-day workshop work but spread out over 1-2 weeks.

Lean Principles

Learn, Apply, Reflect, and Commit how to utilize the 5 lean principles from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Lean to shape your lean culture. These 5 lean principles have stood the test of time as applicable to every level of the organization.

Leading Lean

Leading lean requires specific skills and attributes that go beyond generic leadership foundations. Are you ready? Is your team? In this workshop, learn specific leadership levers that help drive lean. Apply them in a structured way, and Reflect on how they make you a more effective leader in lean. Finally, Commit to sustaining your new role as a lean leader.

Leading Culture Change

Lean is about behaviors – this has been a central tenet of Jamie Flinchbaugh’s teaching for 25 years. You have plans for your strategy, your budget, your customers…shouldn’t you have a plan for how you’ll change your culture? We avoid it because it’s hard. Align your team on how to change your culture by learning how, and building and sustaining a plan to deliver behavior change.

Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking – it’s a skill and a mindset, as well as a process. It goes way beyond a static strategic planning process. Through this workshop, you’ll help shape both your thought process and your strategy. We will cover how to become a strategic thinker, building your business model, pivots, myths, how lean applies, and more. Going through this process as a group is most effective as it will spark your creativity and help generate alignment.

Management Systems

Management systems help provide stability, improvement, performance, alignment, and more. But if they are poorly understood or designed, they can result in bureaucracy, confusion, waste, and disengagement. Learn how to fix that through Learn, Apply, Reflect, and Commit. 

Lean Process Design

Do you have a common lens and language to both assess and improve your work? This workshop helps you grasp the 4 Lean Rules and how to use them to drive ongoing improvement at every level of the organization.

Planning Your Lean Journey

Journeys have many options, twists, and turns, detours and problems. Navigating your lean journey is complex, and there is no one right roadmap…although there is a better roadmap for your team or organization. Learn how to plan and manage your lean journey through this workshop.

Coaching Problem-Solving

Problem-solving is a critical capability for any organization that wants to control its own performance. But it is very difficult to simply train problem-solving capability into place. Coaching is a far higher leverage point because it allows for continuous learning at all levels and through all phases of problem-solving. There is a myth that good problem-solving coaching can only come from expert problem solvers, but we will demonstrate that they are in fact different and complementary skills. In this course, you will learn the who, what, where, when, why, and how of coaching problem solving, and develop the ability to coach problem solving throughout your team.

Our workshops are not your typical online course or webinar

Discover how JFlinch Learning Lab Workshops will move your business forward, faster!

The most efficient way to learn, apply, reflect, and commit

Our online workshops save you and your team valuable time by reducing the time it takes to learn about a topic without diminishing the quality of the content. The collaborative approach also provides quick feedback from a group of your peers.

Watching videos only moves the needle so far

If you want to experience real change and apply what you learn, you typically aren’t going to do that through video-based learning and webinars. Video-based learning certainly has its place in the learning hierarchy but nothing beats hands-on application, real-time feedback and group-based problem-solving.

Learning that applies to your own work

Hypothetical situations don’t really help with the problems you are dealing with now.  Learning Lab Workshops tackle the most pressing issues that are holding you and your team back right now. You work with our leaders and your group to find solutions and implement action steps that will get you where you want to go faster.

Eliminate costly travel expenses

Forget about travel budgets. Learning Lab Workshops are all completed from the comfort of your workspace. Use a greater percentage of your training budget for actual learning