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Expand your lean knowledge base with the JFlinch Learning Lab. Jamie Flinchbaugh leads you through 10 courses and over 70 lean modules including worksheets. The information Jamie shares with you in these modules can't be found anywhere else.

70+ Videos Including Workbooks

What's Included

The content is organized into courses, each course is broken into bite-sized modules. Each module can be consumed independently, or in sequence as part of a course.  Worksheets accompany the videos to provide summaries and action prompts for the relevant content.

Jamie Flinchbaugh

About Jamie

Jamie has been an innovator in both content and delivery throughout his career. He was the first to design an in-depth curriculum with a primary objective of teaching lean behaviors and do so in an innovative adult learning space with an immersion experiential-learning course.


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Courses Included In Your Subscription

Everything that is important in an organization has a plan e.g. a strategic plan, a financial plan, a sales plan etc. Leadership is also important in an organization, therefore, it needs its own plan too.

Roadmaps are tools that help you plot your course and that’s what a lean roadmap is. Your lean roadmap will help you understand what your lean journey looks like and help you plot the course for how you are going to achieve your organization’s desired lean result. In this course we’ll explore the eight key factors for building your lean roadmap.

This module explores the evolution of lean the importance of tying lean to behaviors.

In this course we talk about lean process design and how that fits in the hierarchy of lean’s methods and tools. A fundamental lean skill is to be able to design, manage and improve the work that we do. In this course you will learn how to effectively implement lean process design

In this course you will learn about the four key areas of an operating system, common myths and mistakes regarding them and how to build and develop your operating system.

Our management systems are all around us, they answer questions for us like, what do we measure, how do we understand the current state, how do we make decisions and how do we stay aligned.

This set of courses explores the principles and behaviors described in the book as a foundation for lean thinking.

This course explores core leadership practices essential for the lean leader.

Whether an entrepreneur or a functional leader, strategic thinking is an essential skill that must be cultivated, and we explore multiple dimensions throughout this course.