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Bridge the Gaps Separating Your Organization from Its Potential

Bridge the Gaps in Your Organization that are Keeping
You and Your Business from Reaching Full Potential

Bridge the Gaps in Your Organization that are Keeping
You and Your Business from Reaching Full Potential

We Collaborate with Leaders to Craft Effective, Resilient Organizations Using Lean Thinking

Bridge Gaps

Create Resilience

Make an Impact

Even the most effective leaders
will face organizational gaps
they cannot bridge without help

•  Cultural, capability, systems, and strategy gaps prevent you from reaching your potential

•  You have all the tools, including Lean tools and training, but you still face challenges you cannot overcome

•  As the leader, if you are held back by lack of clarity in any domain, the entire team loses

Be a Purposeful Leader

Bridge Cultural, Capability, Strategic, and Systems Gaps

We Understand Your Frustration

It is frustrating when your drive to create a successful business is stranded at the edge of the chasm with no clear way across.

I’ve sat in your chair, and I know how it feels to try to craft a resilient and effective organization while facing the crises of today. Balancing the trade-offs between focusing on your vision and managing the moment is no easy feat.

Every Purposeful Leader Needs a Guide

It is not weakness to need help. Quite the contrary! We’ve coached and advised leaders from small start-ups to multinationals to help them gain clarity and bridge the gaps that have held them back. From potato chips to computer chips, from hospitals to governments, we’ve advised over 300 companies.

Jamie has supported Crayola’s business transformation as a Lean advisor for over a decade. More recently, as a coach he has leveraged his understanding of our business challenges and talent to help shape our operating strategy. Jamie brings wisdom and insights from his rich experiences to each engagement, resulting in targeted actions that enable positive results.
–  Pete Ruggiero, Crayola’s COO

We Narrow Our Focus For Greater Impact

By Focusing on Three Main Pathways, We Will have a Meaningful Impact on You and Your Organization

Learning Lab Workshop

The Learning Lab Workshop is focused on team development and learning. This is
accomplished through a combination of asynchronous and synchronous work applied to real problems while you and your team learn. We’ll use a structured approach that follows: LEARN, APPLY, REFLECT, COMMIT.

This collaborative workshop is designed around the most pressing challenges you are facing. Your team will formulate solutions and commit to action plans that will get you where you want to go faster.

Collaborative Coaching

We understand many leaders have been through a good deal of leadership training. You may even have a favorite model for how you think about leadership.

Collaborative Coaching works within your framework, focusing on your objectives, and leveraging your strengths. This includes both short-term and long-term topics, and could include anything from shaping your team’s behaviors to thinking strategically. This is how you drive the right lean behaviors and capabilities into your team, into your management system, and into your own work.

Advisory Support

While Collaborative Coaching is more focused on individual development, Advisory Support is team-based and topic-driven. It is developed to be high-impact and low footprint by working with your thought-leaders on their most critical leverage points for Lean success. Together, we will determine the right cadence for our meetings and identify the appropriate topics. Some example topics include: course design, developing a strategy for cultural change, crafting change management messaging, Gemba walks, and whatever is most critical to the success of your team.

It’s Easy to Determine Which Solution is Right For You

Book a Time to Talk

Click below to get on our calendar for a no-fee discovery call with Jamie Flinchbaugh.

Determine if There is a Fit

We want to hear about you, your organization and your goals. If there is a fit we’ll move forward to step three.

Take Deliberate Steps Forward

Together we will take deliberate steps toward crafting your effective and resilient organization.

Jamie Flinch

As Founder of JFlinch, Jamie Flinchbaugh has helped purpose-driven leaders craft effective, resilient organizations at over 300 companies.  Leveraging more than 30-years of experience and helping build over 20 companies, Jamie collaborates with leaders and their teams to bridge capability, strategic, cultural, and systems gaps so that they can safely span potential pitfalls and have a purposeful impact on their organizations.

Jamie has helped leaders across a wide spectrum of industries including healthcare, utilities, technology, consumer products, and professional services, including Harley-Davidson, Intel, Mars, Amazon, Crayola, Fidelity, Whirlpool, among many others.

Jamie is the author of People Solve Problems, The Power of Every Person, Every Day, Every Problem and co-author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Lean, Lessons from the Road and is the co-host of the podcasts Lean Whiskey and Happy Heuristics.  He currently lives in Bucks County, PA with his wife of 24 years, Jill Triani.  Together they have three children, Emma, Jack, and Ben.

After a year of transition and difficult results it became clear that working harder would not yield different results and that I needed to change my management system to drive structural improvements to the business. Jamie’s coaching through reflection helped me pinpoint my focus and his management tools aided in very targeted personal development. This enabled me to make modifications in real time and ultimately created a sustainable management system rooted in deeper problem understanding and thus solutions while creating a learning organization that could build upon itself.
–  Michael Gross, Whirlpool’s VP / GM Sales & Marketing for Lowe’s Channel

Brands Jamie Has Worked With


Every person in every function of every organization is involved in solving problems. They show up in your email inbox, in meetings, in your own work. They are strategic and tactical, mundane and breakthrough, easy and difficult. Most organizations want to, and need to, improve their people’s problem-solving efforts, and so they offer them tools, templates, and training. Yet this is not where the leverage for impact is found. People Solve Problems: The Power of Every Person, Every Day, Every Problem explores the real leverage to improve your problem solving. 

Craft an Effective, Resilient Organization and Reach Your Potential

Most leaders are challenged to bridge gaps within their organization. They need guidance and coaching so they can be effective in all situations. We help leaders close these gaps so they can have a purposeful impact on crafting an effective, resilient organization and reach that organization’s full potential.

We know you’re a purposeful leader and you want to craft an effective, resilient organization. To do that, you need the ability to close cultural, capability, strategic, and systems gaps. And you need the ability to anticipate future gaps so that you can easily leap across them when they arise.

The problem is, for any number of reasons, you lack the clarity needed to close all existing gaps and are uncertain about what pitfalls lie ahead. This keeps you from reaching your potential, leaving you dissatisfied and maybe a little disheartened.

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We understand the frustration caused when the drive to create a great business is stranded at the edge of a chasm, with no bridge across. You can see the other side where your organization’s greatest potential lies, but need help getting there.

At JFlinch, we offer fresh perspectives, frameworks, and pathways of action so leaders can gain the clarity they need to bridge gaps and craft effective, resilient organizations.

We’ve coached and advised leaders at over 300 companies, from computer chips to potato chips, from hospitals to governments. This experience has allowed us to codify patterns that exist across a wide variety of businesses at various levels of maturity.

You can bridge the gaps you are facing. Here’s how:
• Book a time to talk with Jamie by clicking here
• Discuss what you desire to accomplish and explore if there’s a fit
• Take deliberate steps toward crafting your effective and resilient organization

Book a call with Jamie now. In the meantime enjoy this thought-provoking video set from “Leading Lean,” and get started bridging gaps right now.

You don’t have to let gaps prevent you from leading your organization to your full potential. You can successfully identify and bridge those gaps and have a purposeful impact on the crafting of an effective, resilient organization.

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