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Management Systems Video Series

Management systems isn’t the most fun topic, but it’s one of the most vital for any leader at any level to deliver consistent results. Effective leaders treat their management systems like top racing drivers treat their instruments and controls – it’s as vital as the engine and steering. Learn about how to think about your management systems, how to design them, and how to keep them from being burdensome and wasteful. This 8 video series is a great opportunity for a leadership team to watch, learn, and apply together, and also a great way for brand new managers to get a handle on a new aspect of their work.

People Solve Problems Video Series

This 25-video series outlines and builds on the book People Solve Problems. Learn about the capabilities needed to elevate your problem solving game, and the behaviors that shape an effective problem solving culture. For those building teams or organizations, also learn about how coaching is the most vital investment you can make, and why the role of the leader is undervalued, while showing you how to get it right. These videos can be used completely independent of reading the book, or as a companion learning tool.

Culture Change Video Series

Culture is one of the most long-term competitive advantages when done right, and also a company- or team-killer when it falls apart. Why would you leave it to chance? In this 6-video series, you’ll get ideas about how to both design and shape your culture. This can apply to individual leaders at any level in the organization, as well as leadership teams looking at organizational-wide culture.

Strategic Thinking Video Series

Strategic planning is done in a static moment to look forward, and strategic decisions are made, sometimes frequently and with great impact, between those planning windows. Both of those activities require a critical element: strategic thinking. This is one the most sought-after capabilities in leadership roles, yet one of the hardest to develop. This video series is a combination of 10 videos, 6 interviews, and a webinar recording included at the end. It was developed early during the pandemic to help the many companies, large and small, who were going through dramatic and rapid strategic shifts. There are many ways to be a strategic thinker, and this series doesn’t propose a singular method but helps you find and development the approach that best fits you.

Lean Operating Systems Video Series

This 3-video course explains the concept and practice of an operating system. You’ve heard of examples such as the Toyota Production Systems and the Danaher Business System, as well as a couple Jamie Flinchbaugh was heavily involved in such as the Chrysler Operating System and the DTE Energy Operating System. This is your playbook, your common approach, your common language, for how an organization performs their mission.

Your Lean Journey Video Series

Crafting a lean journey isn’t just about change management. Like several other effects-everyone, embed-in-the-work transformations, such as a digital transformation, it requires a more nuanced and comprehensive approach to transformation. In this course, hear about a structure to organize the change and practical advice about how to execute it. There is no single right strategy, but there is a right plan for your needs.

Lean Principles from The Hitchhiker's Guide to Lean Video Series

Lean is born from how we think. Most effort at lean transformation focus too much on only tools and projects, but its the principles and behaviors that separate excellent lean journeys from the rest. Jamie Flinchbaugh and Andy Carlino outlined 5 principles for lean thinking in the book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Lean, and this video course walks you through these lean principles.

Lean is About Behaviors Video Series

Getting the culture right is vital to lean. This video course is a more conceptual complement to the Lean Principles course. The Lean Principles course lays out 5 specific principles, whereas this course outlines the logic around why it’s so important to make your journey about principles and behaviors, whether they be your own or you adopt what I’ve already laid out. This is one of the earlier courses developed in the Learning Lab.

Lean Process Design (Four Rules)Video Series

Bad systems and processes beat good people. Good process design can help a company scale more easily, reduce errors, gain efficiency, and even free up talent for more valuable work. What’s often missing is a common and effective framework for how to design, manage, and improve that work. This 6-video course provides that perspective, whether the work to be designed is individual or enterprise-wide.

How to Be an Effective Sponsor

Effective sponsorship can make or break cross-organizational work, whether a major transformation project or just a problem-solving team. Yet, it is rarely, if ever, taught. This video course both provides guidance to sponsors as well as those needing sponsorship.

Leading Lean Video Series

Elevating the effectiveness of your lean efforts depends greatly on leadership engagement; not just leadership support, but engagement. In this 6-video course, we cover 5 leadership moves that are really useful in a lean transformation. They are the ones that you hear about time and time again for any leadership challenge, but each has a distinct fit and function in supporting a transformational lean journey.

Lean is About Behaviors Video Series

Getting the culture right is vital to lean. This video course is a more conceptual complement to the Lean Principles course. The Lean Principles course lays out 5 specific principles, whereas this course outlines the logic around why it’s so important to make your journey about principles and behaviors, whether they be your own or you adopt what I’ve already laid out. This is one of the earlier courses developed in the Learning Lab.

People Solve Problems Podcast

People Solve Problem Podcast are approximately 20-minutes conversations with thought leaders, business leaders, change agents, practitioners, and more from a wide swatch of perspectives talking about different aspects of problem solving. You’ll learn different frameworks, tips and tricks, perspectives, leadership approaches, principles and more. This podcast is available publicly but the videos are included here for easy and early access.

Factory Talk Video Series

This 9-video series was done in partnership with IndustryWeek and highlights leaders in factories. Through interviews we cover their practices and ideas for the effective leadership within operations. Some participants are CEOs of smaller one-site companies and others are plant managers within larger companies. There are nuggets and lessons for everyone within each interview.

JFlinch YouTube Channel Videos

While publically available, we include all of the videos that are also included on YouTube here for your easy access. You’ll find a short-course on personal productivity, videos on standardization, RACI, strategy, and much, much more.

Happy Heuristics Podcast

Happy Heuristics was a single-season podcast, in partnership with MG Strategy’s Jeff Grimshaw, that explores the use of heuristics in leadership. Heuristics, or rules of thumb, help speed up and make more consistent decisions in a complex world. Each episode explores a theme, and Jeff and Jamie Flinchbaugh each offer, and stress test, heuristics related to that theme.


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