People Solve Problems Podcast

People Solve Problems Podcast

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People Solve Problems is an engaging new podcast hosted by Jamie Flinchbaugh, the author of the book with the same title. In this insightful series, Jamie interviews a diverse array of guests – from thought leaders and authors to practitioners and everyday individuals, delving into their unique perspectives on problem solving. This compact, interview-style podcast offers valuable insights into what constitutes effective problem-solving, the challenges faced in the process, and the strategies employed. It aims to equip listeners with a wealth of ideas, best practices, and approaches to enhance their problem-solving skills. Stay tuned for the upcoming episodes by clicking the follow button and signing up today.

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People Solve Problems Episode 7 with Special Guest Lorenzo Gutierrez

With a focus on actionable insights, host Jamie Flinchbaugh dialogues with Lorenzo Gutierrez, Director of Enterprise Excellence at Sandia National Laboratories. They offer valuable insights into leadership, intuition, and coaching. With over 20 years of leadership experience in diverse fields including semiconductor manufacturing and national security, Lorenzo is well-qualified to

People Solve Problems Episode 6 with Special Guest Ron Pereira

In a recent podcast, host Jamie Flinchbaugh sat down with guest Ron Pereira to explore various facets of leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving. The conversation kicked off with the two discussing the communication challenges faced by remote teams that include both introverted and extroverted members. Ron emphasized the role of digital

People Solve Problems Episode 5 with Special Guest Elisabeth Swan

In this episode of the People Solve Problems podcast, host Jamie Flinchbaugh interviews Elisabeth Swan, co-founder of the Just-in-Time Café and a seasoned expert in continuous improvement with over 30 years of experience in the industry. As a consultant, coach, instructor, and podcast host, Elisabeth brings a wealth of knowledge

People Solve Problems Episode 4 with Special Guest Justin Max

In a recent podcast episode, host Jamie Flinchbaugh sits down with Justin Max, founder of Spark DSG. Spark DSG is a standout digital design and development agency, and under Justin’s leadership, the team employs their unique IDEAS process to address and solve complex business challenges with clear results. During the

People Solve Problems Episode 3 with Special Guest Jim Huntzinger

In a thought-provoking episode of the People Solve Problems Podcast, host Jamie Flinchbaugh has an engaging conversation with Jim Huntzinger, Founder and President of Lean Frontiers. Jim’s background is in manufacturing, engineering, and the lean enterprise. Jim’s understanding and experience provide listeners with a wealth of knowledge applicable to a

People Solve Problems Episode 2 with Special Guest Mark Graban

        In an engaging episode of the podcast, host Jamie Flinchbaugh welcomes distinguished guest, Mark Graban. The conversation provides invaluable insights into management, problem-solving, and risk mitigation methodologies, drawing from Mark’s wealth of experience and expertise. Mark begins the discussion by emphasizing the importance of failure modes

People Solve Problems Episode 1 with Special Guest Andy Carlino

In this episode, guest Andy Carlino and host Jamie Flinchbaugh delve into an intricate discussion on the complexities of problem-solving within organizations and the crucial role of precise language in defining problems and solutions. They emphasize the importance of a clear problem statement, underlining that without one, efforts to solve