People Solve Problems Episode 7 with Special Guest Lorenzo Gutierrez

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on 09-28-23

With a focus on actionable insights, host Jamie Flinchbaugh dialogues with Lorenzo Gutierrez, Director of Enterprise Excellence at Sandia National Laboratories. They offer valuable insights into leadership, intuition, and coaching. With over 20 years of leadership experience in diverse fields including semiconductor manufacturing and national security, Lorenzo is well-qualified to discuss these complex topics. He holds a range of qualifications, including a Master’s in Predictive Analytics, an MBA, and a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering. He’s also a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, a Project Management Professional (PMP), and a trained Leadership Coach. 

Lorenzo opens the discussion by emphasizing the importance of a learning approach in problem-solving. He suggests that both failures and successes offer valuable lessons, encouraging a mindset that views challenges as opportunities for growth. To him, problem-solving is not just about finding a solution but about understanding the nuances of the issue and applying what has been learned to future challenges. 

The conversation then pivots to intuition, a topic that clearly resonates with Lorenzo. He advocates for a balanced approach that integrates intuitive thinking with data-driven analysis. While he acknowledges that gut feelings shouldn’t be followed blindly, Lorenzo believes that intuition serves as a crucial “data point” that can provide a fuller picture when combined with logical reasoning. He encourages leaders to validate these intuitions through direct observation and to encourage their teams to do the same.

Coaching is another key theme of the episode, and Lorenzo sheds light on his own unique style. Grounding himself with the core belief that the individual he’s coaching is “naturally creative, resourceful, and whole,” Lorenzo crafts powerful questions designed to lead them to their own answers. He shares that his approach is adaptive, tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges of the individual or team he’s working with. Recognizing the balance of confidence and humility as crucial in effective leadership, Lorenzo notes that the style and type of questions he asks may change based on this balance.

Throughout the episode, the enthusiasm of both Jamie and Lorenzo is palpable, creating an engaging dialogue that offers actionable advice. Whether you’re a seasoned leader or someone starting your career journey, Lorenzo’s insights offer a refreshing perspective on how to navigate the complexities of leadership, intuition, and coaching in a business setting.

For more about Lorenzo Gutierrez, visit here or connect with him on LinkedIn