People Solve Problems Episode 6 with Special Guest Ron Pereira

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on 09-14-23
In a recent podcast, host Jamie Flinchbaugh sat down with guest Ron Pereira to explore various facets of leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving. The conversation kicked off with the two discussing the communication challenges faced by remote teams that include both introverted and extroverted members. Ron emphasized the role of digital tools like Miro boards in fostering interactive collaboration, a point that resonated with Jamie’s experiences. Transitioning from technology to team dynamics, Ron spoke candidly about his own journey as a co-founder. He explained that individual differences can be a company’s greatest asset when leveraged properly. Both Jamie and Ron stressed the need for setting aside ego and focusing on collective success. This led them to dive into the topic of roles in problem-solving, particularly the complexities of delegation. Ron introduced the phrase “have a coach be a coach,” highlighting the importance of empowering others to solve problems. He reflected on his early career tendencies to take over tasks himself, recognizing that such an approach was neither scalable nor efficient.  Jamie then steered the conversation toward the art of coaching, asking Ron how he adjusts his approach to meet the individual needs of his team. Ron mentioned his belief in behavioral temperaments and the importance of tuning into those temperaments to better connect with people. He touched upon neuro-linguistic programming, acknowledging its value in understanding how people function. In that vein, Ron emphasized the importance of trust and comfort in any working relationship, and Jamie concurred, noting that it’s often the human factors that are more critical than any specific problem-solving method. The podcast concluded with Ron paying homage to his late father, echoing his dad’s lifelong advice that “it’s all about people.” Jamie appreciated the sentiment, and both agreed that the core of successful leadership and teamwork lies in authentic human interaction. This episode offered a nuanced yet accessible look into the inner workings of team management and problem-solving, reminding listeners that while tools and methods are important, it’s the people who make or break an organization. Ron thanked Jamie for the opportunity to discuss these issues, underscoring that sometimes opening a Google Doc and starting is good enough. Overall, it was an enlightening exchange of ideas and experiences between two seasoned professionals.