Teams Solving Problems: Sarah Tilkens’ Strategies from GE and The KPI Lab

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on 03-14-24


In a recent episode of the People Solve Problems podcast, Jamie Flinchbaugh sits down with Sarah Tilkens, Senior Manager of OpEx for GE Healthcare as well as the CEO & Founder of The KPI Lab, to discuss the art and science of problem-solving within organizations. Sarah shares her journey from an early interest in Six Sigma to founding The KPI Lab, focusing on how to tackle complex problems that professionals face in today’s business environment. She emphasizes the importance of a clear understanding of problems, advocating for a methodical approach to problem identification that prioritizes empathy and deep listening.

Sarah’s insights into her role as an coach with GE and The KPI Lab reveal her approach: she sees KPIs as not just as metrics but as narratives that guide and motivate teams towards continuous improvement and innovation. Her discussion with Jamie explores how effective problem-solving involves blending analytical rigor with a profound understanding of human behavior and team dynamics.

Throughout the episode, Sarah provides practical examples of how asking the right questions, fostering a culture of curiosity, and adopting a learner’s mindset can transform challenges into opportunities for growth. She stresses the significance of leadership in cultivating an environment where teams are empowered to experiment, learn from failures, and innovate.

This conversation offers listeners an opportunity to learn about the nuances of operational excellence, the subtleties of managing team dynamics, and the critical role of leadership in fostering a problem-solving culture. For those eager to learn more about Sarah’s work or to connect with her, information is available on The KPI Lab’s website ( and her LinkedIn profile 

This episode is essential for anyone looking to enhance their problem-solving skills, drive operational efficiency, and inspire a culture of innovation within their organization.