Navigating Change with Andrea Jones: Agile Project Management at AJC

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on 02-01-24


In this episode of the People Solve Problems podcast, host Jamie Flinchbaugh engages in a deep and insightful conversation with Andrea Jones, the founder of AJC. Andrea shares her extensive knowledge and experiences in project management and change implementation, particularly in mid-market companies. She introduces her unique framework, Executeagility, which stems from both her personal experiences and her professional expertise.

The episode begins with Andrea discussing the challenges she faced in her early career, particularly the lack of clear expectations and frameworks in project management. She vividly recounts a pivotal moment in her career where the absence of a structured approach led to significant challenges. This experience was a key driver in her development of the Executeagility framework, designed to provide clarity and structure in project management.

Andrea emphasizes the importance of prioritizing work in a manner that’s impactful to the business. She outlines her framework’s approach to prioritization, which includes listing all opportunities and considering criteria that are impactful to the business today. The process involves scoring these opportunities against impactful criteria and reassessing them regularly. This method not only aids in efficient prioritization but also ensures that the most important tasks are addressed promptly.

A significant aspect of Andrea’s discussion revolves around the implementation of Agile methodologies in project management. She adapts traditional Agile practices to fit the realities of mid-market companies, where resources are often limited. Her version of Agile includes running sprints with cross-functional teams who are not fully dedicated to a single project. This approach acknowledges the constraints of mid-market companies while still benefiting from the agility and responsiveness of Agile methodologies.

Andrea also highlights the importance of structured frameworks in enhancing employee satisfaction and overall business success. She believes that providing clear expectations and structured methodologies not only leads to improved project outcomes but also contributes to a happier, more productive work environment.

The conversation also touches on the importance of leadership and stakeholder engagement in successful project management. Andrea underscores the need for leaders to actively participate in the process and set clear expectations. This involvement is crucial for the successful implementation of any project management framework.

The episode closes with Andrea offering insights into how leaders can foster a productive and happy work environment through disciplined project management practices. Her perspectives provide valuable takeaways for leaders and professionals in the field of project management.

For further insights and to connect with Andrea Jones, listeners can visit her LinkedIn profile and explore AJC’s website for more information on their services.