People Solve Problems Episode 4 with Special Guest Justin Max

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on 08-17-23

In a recent podcast episode, host Jamie Flinchbaugh sits down with Justin Max, founder of Spark DSG. Spark DSG is a standout digital design and development agency, and under Justin’s leadership, the team employs their unique IDEAS process to address and solve complex business challenges with clear results. During the conversation, Justin captures his journey from a practitioner to a leader and trying to get out of the weeds of his firm’s work. The IDEAS process helped him do that, to help him scale the business by addressing key process gaps. The way of doing things was too custom and poorly documented. IDEAS was the outcome which stands for Initiate, Discover, Execute, Assess, and Support.  The problems Spark DSG solves for clients are complex digital experience problems. A lot of their problem-solving happens in Discover and understanding the client and their needs, but their engagements can include all elements of the IDEAS process or just sub-elements broken off and provided directly.   Justin also covered his role, his value, and how important culture was to the transformation. That culture includes an environment where people aren’t afraid to try things.  For those interested in learning more about the innovative solutions offered by Justin and his team, further information can be found on their website,  If you’d like to connect directly with Justin Max, you can do so via his LinkedIn profile  To sum it up, this episode provides valuable takeaways on problem-solving through a client-facing digital design process, all enriched by Justin Max’s expert insights.