Saving childhoods one at a time

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on 09-09-14

DSC 0006Please help!

For most kids, a childhood is defined by play, running, jumping, riding bikes, and all sorts of activities. There are several ways in which this can be lost. My daughter experienced Perthes, and spent an awful lot of time visiting doctors, in surgery, wearing a brace, and physical therapy. Many kids have had a portion of their childhood stolen by Perthes, and for some, all of it.

Perthes attacks the femur inside of the hip. It is often hard to detect and even harder to treat. Not only may it steal a year, or several, of childhood experiences, but can lead to very early arthritis and hip replacements. There is little research on why it happens, on treatments, and on educating doctors on the most effective treatments.

DSC 0009Given the possible outcomes, we couldn’t be more grateful how Emma’s situation has evolved. She had a more severe condition but went from the surgery and the brace you see in the photo to being able to run and play soccer. She still has to manage her body differently because of it, but she is able to do whatever she decides. We attribute this outcome to a few things. First, we caught it very early. Second, after several failed attempts, we found the right doctor who was able to prescribe the right path forward. And third, her focus to following the path to recovery with unbelievable commitment, matched only by her mother’s commitment to support her every step of the way.

DSC 0002But not every kid is so fortunate. This is why Emma raises money every year for the Save-a-Limb Foundation. She is so committed to this event, that she misses a soccer game (one of the passions that helped her stay motivated) to attend the event. Please consider helping her raise money to help battle Perthes. Everyone bit helps, and we appreciate everyone who has supported her in this endeavor. You can donate through her personal page here.