Support startups – they lead to jobs

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on 09-14-10

A jobless recovery – that is perhaps the most optimistic I would describe today’s environment. I’m not very optimistic about the economy on the whole. For starters (and we could go on), there is $535 billion in commercial real estate loans coming due over the next year. What do you think that will do to bank balance sheets? Let’s just say, we’re not done.

What we need more than anything is jobs. And what’s the leading creator of jobs? The government? No. Big business? No. It’s startups. It’s new business. That has been the cornerstone of job growth in the US economy for as long as we could study it.

Steve Minter of Industry Week profiled some of the help available to manufacturing startups. Manufacturing jobs are some of the highest leverage jobs in our economy. The reason – for every job you add, there are other services that are just plain necessary to support it. When you add a manufacturing job, you have to support it with transportation (jobs), training (jobs), inspection (jobs), and more.


What else can be done to support manufacturing startups in the US?