The Farmer and the Field [Guest Post]

by Donald Sweigart on 07-20-11

Guest Post: Donald Sweigart worked with “The Body Shop @” which developed the “Star-Link Certified” Lean business model improving Profitability, CSI, and Cycle Time in the Collision Repair Industry. This model is now licensed by a Fortune 100 in it’s Industry-wide Lean Training. His passion is implementing Lean solutions in

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Forget the Annual Budget, "Let it Roll"

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on 05-25-11

I’m always perplexed and frustrated by the annual budgeting process. The waste I see it creating, even from outside organizations, is incredibly large. People start planning things financially before they have any idea of what to do. People postpone things that they shouldn’t because it’s not yet in the budget,

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Taking Small Steps

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on 12-11-09

One Small Step for Man Are you building plans for 2010? Strategic plans? Goals? Action plans? Even New Year’s Resolutions? Many of you are. You are told to think big, dream big, plan big. I’m couldn’t agree more. Until… you stall. You start thinking about the resources. You start thinking

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