A new post on Blogging Innovation: There’s Always Another New Approach

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on 05-19-11

A new blog post on the Blogging Innovation website, There’s Always Another New Approach

Last year I saw a comment from a respected entrepreneur who was claiming “all the big ideas have already been created.” I was highly disappointed, because it’s reeks of pre-1492 attitudes about the Earth. You can’t argue what the next big idea will be until it’s created. All I can argue is that every time people have claimed such a truth, it’s been proven wrong.

But forget the big ideas – there are so many ideas left all around us. Here’s one. How could you possible recreate the ketchup packet? It’s just a foil wrapper around a single serving of ketchup. I was sure it couldn’t be improved.

Until I saw this ketchup packet….

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