Chief Executive Magazine picks up on theme that lean is not just about process

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on 04-20-17

GettyImages-608160011-compressorMy IndustryWeek column on the idea that talent matters has gotten more attention than I anticipated, with many notes and comments in personal conversations. Chief Executive Magazine picked up on the theme in their article “Lean Manufacturing is about people, not just process.”

Here is some of their reference to me:

Jamie Flinchbaugh, lean advisor, speaker and author, has said the relationship between lean and process is “overstated.” He feels that while a number of lean methods are focused on processes, alone, these processes are not enough. Lean manufacturing calls for placing a higher priority on talent.

“Too many improvement efforts treat talent as a fixed commodity. Certainly, it shouldn’t be an excuse, nor should it be a reason not to improve your processes. You don’t just hire talent and leave it alone,” Flinchbaugh said.