Come discuss lean with me this fall

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on 09-17-15

There are some fun and interesting opportunities for learning lean that I would like to share with you for this fall. They are all opportunities to come discuss the challenges of lean transformation with me.

The Summit on Lean Leadership
Jamie with SoLL Banner
This is a new summit put on by our friends at Lean Frontiers in partnership with my new friend, Sam MacPherson. This is less of a series of parallel breakout sessions and closer to a workshop in its agenda.

My role will be to lead a topic that I’m in a unique position to share insights, and that is the connection between lean and the board of directors. I will actually be leading this discussion through a “lean coffee” method to cover a wide range of topics but also keep the conversation moving.
Lean Accounting and Lean Management Summits

Later the same week, just down the road, Lean Frontiers will be running one of their patented “2 summits in one” with the 11th Lean Accounting Summit and the 1st Lean Management Summit. I spoke at the first Lean Accounting Summit, and a couple after that, which was the beginning of Lean Frontiers. I will be doing the day 2 keynote for this joint conference, and will talk about leading lean as its own operating system.

Mid-Atlantic Lean Conference

I finally get to speak at this conference after a few years of being asked to but not being available. I’m glad to finally make it – its been on my list for a while. This conference has seemed to have grown from a state-centric conference to a significant player on the lean conference stage.

The extra bonus is that I get to see two of my friends, also keynoting the conference. And if you come, you’ll get to hear them speak as well. Jamie Bonini, VP of the Toyota Supplier Support System, and Mark Graban, best known for, are both going to be delivering keynotes.

Please let me know if you plan to attend any of the conferences. And if you do, please come and talk with me. These are all great chances to do a little personal learning and reflection, as well as advance the topic to new insights.