Want to hear what I have to say?

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on 09-23-16

Maybe you don’t, but I presume you wouldn’t be reading this otherwise. Here are some of the upcoming opportunities to engage with me and hear some of what I have to say.

Lean Product and Process Development Exchange, September 25th, Philadelphia, PA

I was a keynote speaker and the very first LPPDE. This year, the conference is close to me, in Philadelphia. The conference organizers read this column I wrote on making your process fragile and thought it would be an interesting topic for the audience. img_2993

I was working on my office whiteboard on a mindmap of my speech, which I’m sharing here. It’s not too late to register – come join us.

South Carolina Lean Alliance, November 2, Greenville, SC

I love these local groups that support companies in the lean journeys, without them having to travel across country or for days out of the office. It’s often filled with peer-to-peer learning, with a sprinkling of people like me coming in to share some ideas.

I will be speaking on building your lean leadership operating system. My premise is that too many people go to lean training, or leadership training, or lean leadership training, and then return with good intentions. But intentions are not a system. So, how do you turn your intentions into a system? Come listen and find out!

KaiNexus User Conference, November 3, Austin, TX

Years ago on our strategic plan, I wanted to create software that would help enable the continuous improvement cycle of every person, everyday lean. While figuring out how to pull that off, I came across KaiNexus thanks to my good friend Mark Graban. They have executed what I wanted to deliver so well, I abandoned my strategy and simply became an advocate of (and advisor to) KaiNexus. This is their 2nd user conference to help users gain the most from their utilization of their tools.

LeanBlog Podcast #261

And if you can’t make any of those, I recently did a podcast with Mark Graban for LeanBlog. We didn’t really have a topic, as most of these podcasts usually will, but just had a chat about lean, and about me. Give it a listen.

If you are interested in having me come and talk with your group, whether an industry event or an internal corporate event, please contact me to discuss your needs.