A new lean podcast, Lean Leadership by Chris Burnham

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on 03-01-15

I encourage lean learners to have multiple sources of learning. Podcasts are a very useful part of the learning portfolio. I have contributed to several podcasts, particularly one of the originals, Mark Graban’s podcasts, and more recently, Gemba Academy’s podcasts. For Mark, I am numbers 5, 6, 10, 64. Mark’s now up to #217 (hey Mark, when should we do another?). For Gemba Academy, I am episode 16.

Cropped LEAN LEADERSHIP squareI am glad to welcome another podcaster to the lean community, Chris Burnham, with his Lean Leadership Podcast. Chris is as enthusiastic as he is structured in his approach to podcasting, and lean, and I think we will see much more from him. I was happy to be his 2nd interview as he launched his new series, along with Mark Graban and David Mann.

I encourage you to give it a listen, share it with others, and continue to expand your own lean learning.