Management Improvement Carnival #80

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on 11-02-09


For 79 rounds, John Hunter of Curious Cat Blog and various guest hosts have issued the Management Improvement Carnival, a roundup of interesting blog posts for the month. I am proud to take responsibility for #80. Although I definitely leaned on some of my favorite bloggers, I also thought I would take the opportunity to expose new and different blogs to the lean world. For past Carnival’s, you can find them all here.

“We will solve your problems, but let us solve some of our own” from DailyKaizen – updating and reflecting on progress of lean within the hospital system.

Notes from a Kaizen Event from The Lean Thinker – reflection on lessons of what makes kaizen work.

To Err is Human…To Error Proof is Divine from Ankit Patel – fundamentals of error proofing from a new lean blogger

Eliminating Tunnel Vision from Lean Builder – on using voice of the customer to eliminate missing the big picture

How to Stop Procrastinating from Positivity Blog – don’t procrastinate on continuous improvement

Difference Between Inspect and Adapt and PDCA from Al Shalloway – yes, PDCA works even in non-deterministic systems

7 Essential Qualities of a Lean Leader from Jon Miller – from a long-time and thoughtful lean blogger

Is the Answer Right There in Front of You? from Lean Laboratory – a great example and reminder on digging deeper into a problem

A New Strategy for the Kaizen Blitz from Lean Homebuilding – on PDCA, kaizen, with lots of good comments

Managing to Test Result Instead of Customer Value by John Hunter – how benchmarks get manipulated when not focused on the system

Patient Safety is not the Patient’s Job by Mark Graban – Mark at the Lean Blog has great perspectives on patients, doctors, nurses, administrators, and overall lean in healthcare

Behavior Modification – Make it Fun by Kevin Meyer – Kevin provides some helpful advice for those trying to change a culture

The Calendar as Kanban by Dan Markovitz – Timeback blog about living in your calendar and using it to drive work