Eliminate Waste with Purpose [Lessons from the Road]

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on 02-20-13


My latest IndustryWeek Lessons from the Road column has been released. This month’s topic is hopefully a fresh look at an old lean topic: waste elimination. Despite the many definitions to the contrary, many of you know that my view is that lean is not “all about” waste elimination. But it’s still important, and so let’s get it right.

Here’s an excerpt from Eliminate Waste with Purpose:

My perspective is that the words “do more” are what’s core to lean: more value for the customer, more capacity to deliver that value and more capability in the organization. It’s not about less fat; it’s about more muscle. That’s how you build an organization capable of controlling its own destiny.

Here are the 3 suggestions:

1. Make sure waste is converted into value

2. Use the language as a lens

3. Have a system…any system

You can read the full column here. I would appreciate your thoughts. What other advice do you have to make waste elimination more effective?

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