Featured Video Course on Strategic Thinking

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on 05-07-20

We are proud to release another video course, this time on strategic thinking. This 16 video course is titled The Strategic Thinker, the Strategic Process, and Your Strategy. The reason for the title is that we look at strategic thinking multidimensionally, covering the person, the process, and the outcomes. Developing this course was not originally on the development roadmap for 2020, but during the pandemic, there have been more and more requests to talk about strategy and strategic pivots in particular. And so this video course was assembled to explore how ANYONE can be a better strategic thinker. Yes, anyone. Strategic thinking is not just for executives and entrepreneurs. It’s also for change agents, department managers, IT analysts, HR business partners, factory managers…basically anyone who can make decisions that helps shape their future. 


This course has been added to the JFlinch subscription-based video platform for our many organizational subscribers, as it was originally intended. But particularly given the current environment, and people either struggling with key strategic decisions or working from home with the opportunity for personal development, we are also releasing the entire course for free on YouTube. The entire course is now available through this Playlist or in the sequence below in this blog post. 


Strategic Thinking Playlist:

Video 1 – The Strategic Thinker, The Strategic Process

Video 2 – Strategy as an integrated approach

Video 3 – The Strategic Thinkers Traits Skills and Methods

Video 4 – Four Myths of Strategy

Video 5 – Lean Behaviors in Strategy

Video 6 – Using Business Model Canvas to Shape Strategy

Video 7 – Bonus Video The JFlinch Business Model Canvas

Video 8 – Internal Strategies Using Business Model Canvas

Video 9 – The Strategic Pivot

Video 10 – Mapping Your Strategic Gaps and Taking Action

Video 11 – Strategic Thinking Interview with Wayne Barz

Video 12 – Strategic Thinking Interview with Thomas D. Craig, Ph.D.

Video 13 – Strategic Thinking Interview with Steve Cook

Video 14 – Strategic Thinking Interview with Nolan Godfrey

Video 15 – Strategic Thinking Interview with Joshua Ehrig

Video 16 – Strategic Thinking Interview with Jeff Grimshaw


As always, I not only appreciate feedback but value it highly, as I’m trying to improve my content in all its dimensions as I continue to produce these courses. Enjoy, and continue learning!