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Mark Graban and Jamie Flinchbaugh are two guys with a lot in common: Lean, writing books, speaking, consulting… and a love of good whiskey. Like the Car Talk guys, they both went to MIT… but Lean isn’t rocket science. Let’s hope they can hold their liquor, because they’re not holding back on sharing their opinions… it’s time for Lean Whiskey… Lean talk with a fun spirit!

Lean Whiskey Episode 24

Episode 24: “Homemade whiskey cream and vaccination (not to be mixed up)” In Episode 24, Mark and Jamie return to a familiar format, just the two of them chatting over some whiskey. In this episode, they decide to make homemade whiskey cream (more popularly known as Irish cream or just

Lean Whiskey Episode #23

Episode 23: “Finishing 2020 with everything from Kentucky Bourbon to Eggnog, with some Kata on top” Show Notes  In Episode 23, Mark and Jamie return to finish out 2020, this time joined by Kentucky native Deondra Wardelle, so naturally, Kentucky bourbon is our whiskey category of choice. Bourbons selected include

Lean Whiskey [Episode #21]

Episode 21: “What is the point of lean during a rare pandemic?”   In Episode 21, Mark and Jamie return to our regular casual format of open discussion over a drink, this time joined by Tom Ehrenfeld, well known to the lean community for his writing and editorial work with

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