The 4Cs of Trust

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on 01-14-20

Trust in an organization is both elusive and yet vital, abstract and yet mentioned frequently. Trust is an important backdrop to help build any transformation, including a lean transformation. Few would argue with this, but also few would talk about what to do about it. How do you build trust?

I decided to study what ingredients are important for building organizational trust and have crafted what I call the 4Cs of Trust. These 4Cs include the demonstration of Care, effective Communication, the Competency to deliver on the promise, and doing all of these with Consistency.

In this video, I describe each of these and their relationship to trust. I am also asking people to take my survey on trust, so that we may gather further input and help advance the discussion. Please take the survey after watching the video. You will have the chance to add your email and receive an early copy of the data learned. Thank you. Here’s the survey link