The Role of the Lean Team

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on 06-25-20

Chances are that your organization has some form of a Lean team, but those resources come in all sorts of different forms.

In the next several videos, we will explore how to Organize Your Lean Team, starting with this video where we explore the role of lean resources.

What should your lean team be doing for the organization?

What services can and should you provide, and how do you make that decision?

These are the questions we explore in this first video.




  • Nice quick summary!
    I do wonder about another activity that you touched on but didn’t elaborate. This was the about the lean projects to match both the expectations of the shopfloor (whatever kind of ‘shop’ it is) and the bosses. Riding down a line between retaining credibility at the pointy end and keeping the bosses as champions.

    James La Trobe-Bateman June 25, 2020 at 10:12 am
  • James,

    Thanks for the comment. Sometimes the lean team / lean professional needs to focus on executing projects because of that credibility, but it has consequences. The longer you stay in that mode, the more lean equals things done by the lean team. I’ve seen organizations go quite far down that path where lean could not become more than the capacity of the team. It also can teach the organization that lean equals projects, which gets in the way of adopting a version of every person, every day lean. Sometimes it is just a necessary choice, but we should be aware and try to manage the negative consequences of that choice.

    Jamie Flinchbaugh June 26, 2020 at 8:17 am