Working on the Very Big Problem [from the archives]

by Jamie Flinchbaugh on 07-29-20

This article first appeared on JFlinch on 10-12-09. Problems will always be with mankind, read as Jamie asks some basic yet key questions to help you get to the root of your problems.


Do you have a starting point for your strategic plans? A very short post today, but I wanted to capture some thoughts on a meeting I was in this weekend. It was the presentation of a long-term plan. When it came to the rationale for the strategic plan, it started with “what are the really big problems in the world?” and then moved on to “what unique contributions can we make to that really big problem?”

I don’t think every person or every business will be in a position to solve the world’s big problems by themselves. But I think that’s where the strategic thought process should start. What do you see as the really big problems in the world, in your community, or in your industry? What do you think you can contribute to that very big problem? And what are your next steps to move in that direction?

That might not be a complete strategic planning process, but then again it just might be. Every organization needs some direction. What compass will you be using? I like the very big problem compass.